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VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager for Wrinkles Removal


At-Home Facial Massager for Wrinkles, Skin Tightening, Facial Toning, and Cream Boosting is a state of the art personal salon and spa equipment from team Vijuve for beauty and personal care enthusiasts. While producing uniform 9,000 vibrations per minute, this anti-aging machine can help you cut down your at-home facial time to

What Makes Vijuve Facial Massager Different from other Anti-Aging Skin Tightening Machines?

Call it a facial massager or skin tightening device, our product is way different from many of the products. For instance,
The only microcurrent product that requires no charging which means, we are making you truly portable by cutting cord

Produces astonishing results like non-surgical facelift, with the power of regular micro-vibrations that firms up the skin.

The sleek and slim design of ou facial toning device makes it an on the go high frequency facial machine amongst much high-frequency skincare and personal beauty care machines
Auto turn on/off a feature while touching and detaching the skin, increases the battery life of your handheld Vijuve face toner device, up to 3.5 WeekBy producing 9,000 Vibrations Per Minute, this microcurrent machine normalizes the oily sebum in your skin equally

Alongside removing fine line wrinkles, extensively researched Vijuve's Anti Aging Face Massager can:

Prevent aging signs thus keeping your younger look maintained for a longer time
Distribute the applied anti-aging products evenly
Rebuild the collagen of your skin
Resurface the skin by taking off dark spots
Take the dark eye circles far away thus giving you a fresher look</span></li>
Product Dimensions:5.5 x 0.8 x 1.3 inches ; 1.76 ounce

1 AAA batteries required.

VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager for Wrinkles Removal