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3 In 1 Electric Facial Cleansing brush


The essential first step for a great facial, and a fantastic addition to any beauty routine.

See results in as little as 1 session. Suitable for all skin types, the cleansing brush gently remove dead skin, dirt, and makeup, prevent acne and breakouts.
Use regularly for the deepest cleanse for flawless skin

With three separate functions, use for skin rejuvenation, facial clean and exfoliation and a gentle facial massage

Good to know:

Size: 6*8*16.6cm.Rechargeable Power by USB Cable
Color: Pink/Blue
Multifunction: 3 heads for different functions
Material: ABS
Type: Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Ships to the USA only

3 In 1 Electric Multi use facial cleansing brush

3 In 1 Electric Facial Cleansing brush